Monday, January 7

chrys-a-lis upcycled jewelry

introducing chrys-a-lis, my new line of upcycled adornment. i have decided to re-focus creatively and now all my attention lies in my new endeavor. i thank all of you who have supported succulessence over the past year. please look to my new website for wearable antique treasures!

chrys-a-lis has emerged out of necessity. the concept of a chrys-a-lis is one i truly resonate with, the transformative process of the caterpillar in its' cocoon as it goes through the complete metamorphosis into a butterfly.

i decided to spin myself a cocoon, morph into something new and emerge with wings. finding my way back to my true passion for distressed, worn objects. with age, character and history, i now incorporate these things into my creations. there is so much beauty in the inherent richness these objects gather as time passes.

may you enjoy their stories as much as i do. xo- crystal

Monday, September 24

welcome to the world, little one!

this is my sister-in-law, diane, & her new little girl, reagan. one day old.

and this cute little porcelain bassinet was her mom, susie's, from when diane was born in 1978. it's been tucked away all these years for this special moment this past saturday when reagan was born. i created a little succulent memento for them that is so precious & meaningful. 

welcome to the world, little one!

xo - crystal

Saturday, September 15

d.i.y. stencil pots

saw a similar idea recently on pinterest and just had to try it!

these containers were fabulously simple to create. just get some terra cotta pots, do a whitewash with some watered down cream or white acrylic paint. then paint on numbers or letters using a stencil and black paint. use a dry brush and some undiluted paint to distress the surface even further. then plant whatever suits your fancy. 

a collection of a several of them really do make a statement. get creative!

Sunday, August 5

Thursday, July 26

vintage colander succulent garden

this week @ L.A. Mart

i witnessed this gorgeous display being put together the other day. it turned out so impressive! created by a girl with great shoes & an adorable pixie cut...this is so much eye candy! this is one of the showcases for two's company at the L.A. Mart for the California Gift Show going on right now. love it!!

a visual feast, with loose mannequin arms displaying rings & bracelets, vintage sewing machines & patterns & pattern-paper repurposed dresses! this is so very lovely...